Eurovision 2019 - The Countdown Begins!

Eurovision 2019 - The Countdown Begins!


Eurovision 2019 – Who Will You Support – Sat 18th May

How to decorate – Flags are the obvious backdrop to this singing bonanza of fun! Use large flags from different nations on your ceilings or walls or give them to your attending guests as a gift as they enter or do a raffle and draw the country that each person will support!

If you want something a little more understated – around the world flag bunting is ideal. Use it to decorate the ceiling or around the walls and use table or waving flags on your food or drinks tables. 

Get everyone involved – Ask your guests to bring food and drink from the country that they are supporting and wear a hat, accessory or full costume to represent their act for the night!

Some ideas are below and if you type in Eurovision into the search terms up will pop lots of items for your to be creative with…

Costume Ideas


Conchita – Eurovision Winner 2016 (Austria) Use our superstar with a brown lumberjack beard, Don a pretty dress and don’t forget your microphone.

Inculto – Eurovision contestants 2010 (Lithuania) Get your legs out and loose that hair!.. don one of our Bald head wigs, skinny black tie, white shirt and glitter spray up a pair of black shorts or boxers!

Netta – Eurovision Winner 2018 (Israeli)  Use our red oriental dress from our hire dept, add in a princess leia wig with a black bodice and a big personality and you are good to go!

Svetlana Loboda  - Eurovision contestant 2009 (Ukraine) Get feisty in a red saloon girl dress or go as one of her roman gladiator backing singers with silver sprayed helmets and roman accessories to just about cover yourselves… lets hope it’s a warm night!Lordi — One for the comic con and Halloween fans – Eurovision winner 2006 (Finland)  Zombie masks and or lots of latex and horror makeup  long wigs, full body suit armour and if you start growing you nails now – you may not need gloves!

Buranovskiye Babushki – Eurovision Contestants 2012 (Russia) If you feel the cold and like to wrap up – this one is for you…These fab Russian ladies look fab in their colourful aprons, headscarves, bright tights and slippers!

 If you want to support a country but don’t have an outrageous act to emulate: go down a more traditional route of representing them with iconic looks that will make your act/ country obvious.

France : Beret, neckerchief, Garlic Necklace, moustache or Beret, fishnets, cigarette holder, pencil skirt & blouse

Italian : Boater hat, moustache, stripy top for punting around venice or with a tub of icecream as a gelateria

 Italian gangster with trilby, tash, braces and tommy gun would also be fun.

Ladies take this opportunity to dig out your designer italian bags and shoes, glam it up and wear a pretty

dark wig to finish your look or go more homely with apron on, olive oil, yummy breads & bolognaise dish in hand.

Spain:   Red cape, matador hat, cumberband, skinny black trousers and bull fighter you will be or a beautiful Spanish

dress, black wig tied back with flowers/veil on the head and castanets to join in the musical festivities.

England : Bowler or Top hat, tie or bow tie, walking stick/brolly.  

 Policeman/lady – traditional bobby hat, whistle, handcuffs and truncheon.         

  A member of the royal family – see our celebrity masks.

Germany / Austria : As Bavaria is on the south coast of Germany and borders Austria a Bavarian style could work for both of these countries.  Blonde hair (plaits for the ladies)- see our wigs, lederhosen, or long shorts and braces with check shirts and a tankard of beer for luck!

Australia : Cork hats, inflatable snakes, sharks & kangaroos, Croc Dundee Hat & Dagger, Kylie perm wigs, Jason Donovan blonde Mullet, Wolverine Costume, Lifeguard floats & whistles

Ireland : Leprechaun hats, ginger beards & costumes. 

Jedward facemasks & wigs, Red hair wigs for men and ladies. Terry Wogan and Graham Norton Facemasks.

Sweden – Choose from a host of outrageous and gorgeous ABBA costumes – from 70s frilly armed and legged jumpsuits, glitter shoes and boots, blonde straight fringed for Agnetha or brown curly wig for Anni-frid or blonde ‘gameshow’ host style wigs for Bjorn and Benni

Whoever you choose to be – don’t forget your glitter microphone –because who can join in without that!

I know there are plenty more choices/countries and contestants that you could dress up for, so if you think of any great ones that you would like to share send them on into us at


 Images by : 

Conchita 2016 from  IBTimes UK

Inculto 2010 from:  Eurovision Ireland


Rodolfo Chiklicuatre (Chiki chiki) from Picsart

Svetlana Loboda from Pintrest

Netta - Israel 2018  from



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