Pink & Yellow Balloon Column with Sunshine Topper


This pretty smiley face column always brings the sunshine!

Great for decorating your garden, as a gift to make someone happy, get well wishes and decorating for fetes, birthdays, baby showers, christenings and fun occasions!

This column stands from 1.5m - 2.5m tall depending on how many layers and the design of top balloon you choose - we can adapt it to fit your theme or even put a large age number on top to celebrate a milestone birthday!   

If you would like to personalise your column with a name or special message just ask and we can adapt it to suit! (prices may vary)

Prices :

5 layers & top balloon approx 1.5m tall £45 

7 layers & top balloon approx 2.1m tall £50

The above designs are great for indoor parties and could be used outdoors if also secured to a stable structure.

10 layers & top balloon approx 2.5m tall £55 (for hire - best for outdoor decorations & promotions)   Please call to order and check availability of stock for your design choice.

Delivery to local area only - again let us know your postcode to quote - our normal shipping fee via is not appropriate for this item.

Please call for availability, to reserve and for all enquiries:

Cheltenham - 01242 254480


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