Rainbow Sweat and Head Band Set

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Set Includes 201 Towel Rainbow Headband and 2 x Towel Rainbow Swetabands - the epitome and absolute must have of the 80's/90s. 

 Available in lots of colours -

Go 80's with tutu, fishnet gloves, neon beads, face gels and more.

or 90's dance / rave with a visor and glow sticks, face gel and whistle!

One size fits most.

Great for sports events, Pride, charity runs, midnight walk etc.

Icons that wore them : Maddonna (80s), Cyndi Lauper (80s), Jane Fonda (80s), The Green Goddess (1983-1987)

Films : Fame (1982-87), Flash Dance (1983) - Jennifer Beals (Alex Owens), Xanadu (1980) - Olivia Newton John

Sports :Ballet /Ballerina's, Dance, Ice Skating, Cheerleaders

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