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University and College Freshers … are you ready?



It’s Freshers week – What should you wear.. how far should you go?

  To help you with your packing and partying we have created a list of the most popular themes below along with ideas that you can use to go full out              or be creative with your budgets!


Zoo Animals / Madagascar

Animal Kits – Ears & Tails : Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe, Lion, Tiger, Monkey, Jaguar

Inflatables – Snake, Parrot, Monkey, Flamingo

Face paint, Hats, Headwear, Latex Animal Masks


Superhero’s – go famous or create your very own alter ego

Full outfits, Capes, Eye masks, Wigs, Weapons, Face paints, Props


Traffic Lights

Red, Green & Amber – Facepaint, Wigs, Tutus, Legwarmers, Sweatbands, Visors & lots of other Accessories


Neon & Full Moon Parties

UV facegel, Tutus, Legwarmers, Sweatbands, Visors, Glo Sticks


999 - Cops & Robbers

Truncheons, Handcuffs, Whistles, Fishnets, Hats, Burglar Eyemask, Ball & Chain


999 - Army

Kits, Camo Paint, Bullet Belts, Camo Bandanas, Caps, Medals, Inflatable Guns


999 - Sailors

Hats, Neckerchiefs, tattoos, parrots, stockings


999 – Doctors & Nurses

Drs Coats, Nurse Dresses, Stethescope, Blood, Syringe, Stockings


Mexican Bandits

Poncho, Neckerchief, Moustache, Cigar, Bullet Belt, Gun Sets


Cowboys & Indians

Kits, Hats, Gun sets, Sherriff badges, Spurs, Neckerchiefs, costumes

Feather Headbands, warpaint, bow & arrow, wigs, costumes


Where’s Wally ?

Hat, Glasses, Inflatable Walking Stick, Stripe Tights & Stockings, Full Costumes


Masquerade / Masks

Lace, Feathered, Dramatic, Simple, Colourful, Glitzy

Plus Horror, Light up, Latex Animals & Celebrity Face Masks


Hawaiian / Hula

Flower Leis Necklaces, Grass Skirts, Shell Bra’s, Flower Shirts,

Inflatable Palm Trees, Bananas, Sharks, Parrots, Tropical Fish, Beach Balls


Film & TV

Huge range of costumes & accessories to buy or hire

Celebrity facemasks

Vicars & Nuns

Full Costumes, Instant Kits, Cross Necklaces


Pirates of the Caribbean

Choice of Hats, Wig, Sword, Pistol, Eyepatch, Bandana, Coins, Moustache, Costume Selection


Peaky Blinders / Gangsters & Flappers / 1920’s / Great Gatsby

Flat Caps, Bowler & Top Hats, Trilby, Braces, Spats, Cigars, Fags, Bow ties, Pipes

Boas, Headdress, Pearls, Cigarette Holder, Fishnets, Dresses, Wigs, Gloves


Musical Theatre / Films

Grease, Sound of Music, Mamma Mia, Phantom, Lion King, Joseph, Blues Brothers, Rocky Horror, Guys & Dolls, Wicked/ Wizard of Oz,  Matilda, Dolly, Annie, Fame, Frozen, Hairspray, Les Miserable, Magic Mike, Mary Popping, School of Rock, Singing in the Rain, The Snowman

Let us get creative and help you find a character that suits you!


Cavemen & Women

Costumes, Inflatable Cave Clubs, Necklaces, Inflatable Dinosaur, Facepaint


European / Brexit / Eurovision Parties

Brexit Politicans – Face Masks – Boris Johnson, Theresa May, Nigel Farage, Jacob Reese Mogg, Jeremy Corbyn, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, Nicholas Sarkosy,  Emmanuel Macron


Flags – Waving Flags, Large Display Flags & Bunting

Plus see our Eurovision ideas for other countries here:

Mime Artists

Berets, Face paint, Braces, Neckerchiefs & Short White Gloves


Gold or Silver / Glamour & Glitz

Sparkling Hats, Bow ties, Braces, Glitter make up, Eye masks, Bling,

Sequin Waistcoats & Jackets, Long Gloves, Feather Boas & lots more



Colour themed Wigs, Hats, Braces, Bow Ties, Visors, Tutus, Legwarmers, Gloves, Mesmereyez Coloured Eye Lenses, Hair Sprays, Face & Body Paints


Horror Film Characters / Halloween

Pennywise, Freddie Krugger, Jason, Michael Myers, Scream, Purge, Vendetta, Saw, Walking Dead, Scary Nuns, Zombies, Day of the Dead, Grudge,      American Werewolf in London, Vampires – Twilight..

We have Full Costumes to buy & hire, Masks, Horror Make up – Latex, Blood, Prosthetics, Tattoos, 3d Transfers, Crazy Contact Lenses (Mesmereyez),         Hair Colours – Spray in and Dyes (Stargazer), Weapons, Props and everything to create your outfit from scratch or adjust something to look great if you are on a budget!










Freshers Events for our local University Students at UOG, Glos Col, Hartpury University and all the local 6th Forms!

6th September – Fresh Fridays Foam Party – hosted by Si Ellis @ ATIK Gloucester

(Take an inflatable an join in the fun! Click this link for a mass of choices*)


13th September – Fresh Fridays  High School Musical – hosted by Si Ellis @ ATIK Gloucester.
(Check out our pompoms, legwarmers and tutus for showing off your cheerleader moves!)


14th September – Inflatable 5K  hosted by UK Running Events and Pure Gym @ Cheltenham Race Course

(Check out our costumes – dress up as funny fruit, superheroes, whoppee cushions, 2nd skins, go neon… click this link for ideas…*+run*


14th September – EM Con  Hosted by Em-Con and @ University of Worcester Arena


14th September – The X Factor Experience with Olly Murs vs JLS @ ATIK Gloucester

14th September – Pride in Gloucestershire Official After Party hosted by Pride In Gloucestershire @ ATIK, Gloucester

(Click this link to dress up for pride* )

16th Sept – Neon Freshers House Party @  ATIK, Gloucester

(Click this link for neon dressing up ideas..* )

16th Sept – Full Moon Freshers Party hosted by Glam Cheltenham@ MooMoos, Cheltenham

(Click this link for neon dressing up ideas..* )


18th September – Freshers Zoo Party hosted by Blue & Blue @ MooMoos, Cheltenham

Click here for ideas ;*&type=article,page,product


19th September – Open Air Cinema : Hot Fuzz @ Over Farm, Gloucester

Join in the fun :*


19th September – Freshers Inflatable Party hosted by Propaganda at MooMoos, Cheltenham

Click here for ideas ;*


20th September – Official Freshers Launch Party hosted by Glam Gloucester @ ATIK


21st September – Giant Ball Pit, Vinyl – Mamma Mia night… hosted by ATIK Gloucester*

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